In the first half of prosperity: a stable suye 41 sales year-on-year growth. 42%

by:Desing      2020-03-29
Through company departments close cooperation, solidarity and collaboration, under the joint efforts of various departments, the company maintained a good momentum of development, during the first half finished good sales performance, 41 higher than the same period last year. 42%, a result of hard work with various departments in the company are inseparable, all all Thai people will continue to work hard, self-motivated, together for the second half of the overall goal of unremitting struggle. Back in half a year's results, achievements and difficulties, to six months, the company a line only for 5 days off, this is for your hard work in sales, our sales staff is also often work overtime late into the night, it is everyone's joint effort, to get staggering growth rate today, I feel proud and proud, for everyone who's development cannot leave the little drops of sweat and pay all shipment PVC guardrail in the first half of the company more than 120 container, the racecourse barrier container, more than 60 racetrack guardrail of over 50000 meters. In 2019 the company internal management system perfect, the company has passed ISO9001 management system certification, ISO14001 environment system certification, the racecourse fence through CE and SGS quality test, at the same time the company internal perfect quality inspection process, to ensure that we send a metre guardrail are qualified products. In the second half of the every Thai people will unite as one, work together, to achieve the goal of the company annual unremitting struggle. Every Thai suye chairman: mason remarks
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