In the history of Chinese Ma Wenhua

by:Desing      2020-03-28
Period of han dynasty unearthed in our country, the huns brand driving, act the role of the horse is drawn in perspective principle, and Mongolia jarman, uz paintings drawn perspective principle, driving the horse in the han dynasty literature known as 'guang liu car' or 'vault'. Because of the qinghai lake region in the han dynasty through qiang hu ( The qilian mountain channel) And the northern grasslands of the huns Ma Wenhua more communication, because under the influence of hsiungnu Ma Wenhua deeper. When han dynasty folk artists have a profound research on the horse image, they are good at to clever horse posture movement training circle fence art performance, in part of the working circle fence government buildings, public buildings and noble private houses tend to act the role of emphasis has been placed on the wall of fence with dazzling horse mural, around in the design, and often with pest birds image ornament of flowers and plants, make it rich and colorful murals, more fences and gorgeous fantasy set-up circle, more touching artistic charm, the horse's image in the reality with the myths and legends of hamonious tianma, give a person with emphasis has been placed on the fence of the infinite daydream. Han dynasty murals with emphasis has been placed on the fence, high and low level products most of them are working circle fence from generation to generation has a set of rules and procedure law horse design, with unique style and aesthetic interest, color composition is a reflection of the abstract consciousness, has considered the integrity of the horse image and vividness, pay attention to form a colorful artistic effect, proportion of moderate, picture a beautiful rich, full of realistic characteristics. Since the han dynasty folk artists in the long life practice conducted a comprehensive and meticulous observation and research to the horse, to create so many rich vitality and artistic charm of the art. The Chinese nation in the long history of its development process, created the brilliant Ma Wenhua, Ma Wenhua to build our country ancient history civilization have made outstanding contributions. Ma Wenhua as ancient nation a unique aesthetic category of social ideology, it has deep meaning and rich and colorful content, is different in different ethnic groups in the process of the social development, in the long-term national common life and production practice in the process of formation and evolution, gradually by each nation different natural environment, historical conditions, economic and political status, religious beliefs, ways of thinking, habits, traditional ethics and comprehensive national quality and so on a variety of factors restrict and influence, thus inevitably has the prominent national psychological characteristics and a strong sense of thinking tendency and distinctive brand of The Times. Exploration and research of ancient national Ma Wenhua, not only can observe and understand the social culture of the nation and its historical origin, but also can learn from one side to reveal the evolution and development of national social productive forces and production relations between various ethnic culture factors of objective law and the historical process of mutual fusion and penetration.
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