In the production of flash about rubber floor have what bad influence

by:Desing      2020-04-12
Flash the existence of the production process of rubber products and quality are brought many bad effects. Considering the cost of rubber, or the cost of repair personnel, even for the clients to accept late point also is very bad. Rubber kraal pad below small make up to you in details. 1. From the Angle of quality requirements must be in addition to the flash. In addition to flash need a lot of manpower and venues, facilities, etc. , this virtually increases the procedure, extend the production cycle. From an economic point of view, the flash in addition to increased production costs. So it is important to improve the precision of the model problem, have a great ascension for all aspects of cost control. 2. The formation of the flash, make rubber consumption increases, increases the production cost, at the same time, it is a waste of resources, is also a kind of potential pollution to environment. Bullpen for large-scale rubber pad coil products and rubber flooring products, flash is a very important problem of waste, should pay more attention to. 3. The formation of flash changed the mold size, mold making products affected part of the performance of ( Especially in the case of all kinds of sealing products strict) 。 Under the condition of long-term survival for some with precision pattern mold damage is very large. 4. Flash in addition to, especially in addition to the manual, and will affect the performance of products quality, the operation level and quality of workers, flash in addition to the effect of the difference is very big also. Easily lead to reduce the value of rubber products. Get rid of the flash, it traces different height, different residual, directly affect the enterprise in the customer's image and competitiveness. Rubber kraal mat
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