Industrial rubber kraal mat affect the tensile strength of the reason is introduced

by:Desing      2020-04-15
Due to the demand of the market, now stall production of industrial rubber mat business more and more, today's content is about the influence the tensile strength of the industrial rubber kraal pad for those reasons, and let's have a look at it together! First, from the formula design into consideration, is mainly the variety of raw rubber, vulcanizing system, and the varieties and dosage of filler. High tensile strength formula, should use rubber or natural rubber, neoprene and other crystalline chlorosulfonated polyethylene, rubber content is in commonly 60%. The second: should choose active good packing ( Such as carbon black, white carbon black) And make it in to spread evenly mixed. When using active filler added, appropriate to its usage. Third: the tensile strength is related to the structure of rubber, got the quantity is small, the intermolecular interaction second health price will be smaller. Other factors influence the molecular inter-atomic forces are influential to the tensile strength 4: tensile strength also root temperature, high temperature tensile strength is much lower than the tensile strength at room temperature. Crosslinking density on tensile strength of root, with the increase of crosslinking density, tensile strength increased, after a maximum continue to increase the crosslink density, tensile strength decline substantially.
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