Industrial rubber kraal pad altogether can be divided into several types

by:Desing      2020-04-15
Industrial rubber kraal pad is a kind of rubber sheet, we often see its versatility, long service life and obtained the consistent high praise and recognition, people here I will detail for you to introduce our company production of industrial rubber kraal mat related knowledge! 1, according to whether the clip medium, can be divided into pure gum rubber sheet and fabric, with steel skeleton layer varieties such as rubber sheet; 2, according to the purpose, kraal mat can be divided into industrial rubber and rubber floor. 3, according to the physical and chemical properties, can be divided into: fabric rubber byre, patch rubber stall MATS, rubber insulation kraal pad, oil resistant rubber kraal pad, acid and alkali resistant rubber kraal stall, striped antiskid rubber MATS, squares, kraal mat, non-slip rubber round buckle kraal stall, asbestos rubber MATS, non-slip rubber oil resistant asbestos rubber kraal mat 4, according to the color and surface treatment, can be divided into: black rubber byre, green rubber stall MATS ( Commonly known as the green screen rubber kraal pad) , red rubber stall MATS, white rubber byre, yellow rubber stall MATS, blue rubber byre, gray rubber stall MATS, rubber cloth kraal pad, ultra wide rubber kraal rubber kraal mat mat in the industry is mainly used in corrosion protection, abrasion resistance, impact resistance to protect the use of equipment and devices, such as coal-fired power plant desulfurization system and water treatment corrosion using rubber kraal mat is mainly used for anti-corrosion, stall in mining the rubber mat is primarily abrasion resistance, impact resistance to protect the equipment and related piping equipment, to extend the use of the equipment and so on!
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