Industrial rubber kraal pad application in power plants

by:Desing      2020-04-15
At present all kinds of power plants, power plants are placed inside a very precious equipment, can be damaged due to electrostatic slightly do not pay attention to the equipment. In order to protect equipment from damage so when laid floor must to screening of the composition of the raw material of the floor, it is recommended to use insulating rubber kraal pad. Insulating rubber kraal mat laid very exquisite also must pay attention to the process. Anti-static floor shop outfit according to its way into anti-static flooring and anti-static floor two types, including anti-static flooring straight is divided into: anti-static ceramic tile, PVC anti-static flooring, anti-static floor; And anti-static raised floor also can be divided into: ceramic anti-static floor, all steel anti-static floor type, aluminum alloy anti-static floor. The six types of anti-static floor each have advantages. Suggest the best and the most suitable for computer room anti-static floor is PVC anti-static floor.
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