Industrial rubber kraal pad surface pattern choice

by:Desing      2020-04-13
Rubber kraal pad as one of the most widely used industrial places ground material, has a history of decades ago. The earliest of the development of European and American countries coil series, rubber floor is match with industrial rubber kraal pad for use. Used as addition place of ground material, mainly characterized by large area of the shop is very convenient. Although not necessarily has the very good colour is beautiful, but in the practical advantage is very obvious. Durability, low price, long service life is the main reason why the customers choose. Today, rubber stall MATS on the ground shop is no longer confined to simple and durable, with the improvement of worker skill has been the development of industrialization, equipment technical ability promotion also makes more and more conditions allow us to produce a more beautiful rubber kraal pad in industry. Several typical products you like steel willow pattern kraal mat, rubber bar plate combination pattern, the floating point type, small finely decorative pattern, small XiGou pattern, etc. And the most outstanding small XiGou pattern and willow pattern rubber kraal mat, most customers not just as simple pavement material, at the same time with different default design cutting tools, rubber kraal cushion cut into certain specifications used in other mechanical equipment and tools, have very good anti-skid and beautiful effect.
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