Industrial rubber kraal stall and ordinary rubber MATS have what different

by:Desing      2020-04-12
Industrial rubber kraal stall and ordinary rubber MATS have what different? There are you doubt, let Mr Tai insulation rubber kraal pad to brief answer for you. Want to know the difference between the two, the first thing to know, what is the industrial rubber kraal mat, kraal pad what are the application of industrial rubber. Industrial rubber kraal mat, hereinafter referred to as 'industrial rubber sheet', 'plastic board' or 'rubber kraal pad', industrial rubber kraal pad include: ordinary rubber byre, fabric rubber stall MATS, rubber cloth kraal pad, oil resistant rubber stall MATS, acid and alkali resistant rubber kraal pad, etc. Ordinary rubber kraal mat with medium pressure, temperature - 30 ~ 70 ℃ environment job, waterproof, such as earthquake, sealing performance; According to the requirements of the product's technical parameters and can be used for all kinds of sealing cushion aprons, rubber mat, seals and ground laid, decoration; Color: black, white, grey, red, green, blue, etc. Any color. Fabric rubber stall MATS and rubber cloth kraal mat with medium pressure, strong tensile strength, small deformation; Widely used made seals, circle, used as a light conveyor belt, the power to demand higher working environment; Color: according to customers requirements. All can produce a side for light wool sandwich rubber sheet, fabric surface, two sides smooth, two fabric surface. Oil resistant rubber kraal pad used for various oil resistance of coining oil seal, seal, circle, contact with the oil of workbench, the laid of the ground, the electronic product place; In the oil ( Oil, diesel oil, petrol, lubricating oil) Medium to work with sealing and swelling. In clear what is industrial rubber kraal pad, we should be able to understand, what is the distinguishing feature of its own. Mr Tai insulation rubber kraal pad ( www。 syaotai。 com) Remind you that if you want to buy rubber kraal advice to understand oneself use rubber stall MATS, the purpose of, in turn, targeted to buy, the effect is much better. Related: styrene-butadiene rubber kraal rubber kraal mat mat is what?
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