Influence factors on the quality of the rubber kraal cushion pelleting operation with

by:Desing      2020-04-11
Rubber kraal cushion film calender is the use of calender will be made with prescribed rubber smooth rubber piece of cross section thickness and width. Cross section thickness larger rubber kraal pad respectively made thinner several rubber calender first bullpen mat film, the thickness of the film; press laminating regulation again Or the formula of different layers of film laminating to meet the requirements of the performance of film; Can make rubber surface with decorative pattern, the section is the geometry of the film. Therefore, rubber kraal mat the calender including tablet, film laminating and pressed. Cross section thickness is less than 3 mm rubber kraal mat can be done through a calender, called tabletting calender. Calendering film quality requirements is smooth surface, no creases, density of internal pores or sponge, no bubble, the section thickness conform to the requirements of the precision, contraction deformation of each part. Tableting process method according to the different equipment has two roll calender, three-roll calender and four roll calender. Can also use mixing mill tablet, but the film thickness accuracy is too low. Influence factors on the quality of the rubber kraal mat pelleting operation and mainly include temperature, roll speed, rubber formula features and gel content, plasticity size, etc. Improve the rolling temperature can decrease the semi-finished product shrinkage, film surface is smooth, but if too prone to bubbles and coke burning phenomenon; Illiquid rubber roller temperature is too low, rough surface rolling intermediate, shrinkage, temperature should be in accordance with the raw rubber varieties and formula features, rubber plastic, size and adhesive content, is usually a formula with high rate, rubber plastic degree is low or high elasticity and calender roll WenYi increases properly, on the other hand, on the other hand. In addition, in order to facilitate smooth transfer between each roller, rubber must also keep among roller appropriate temperature difference. Such as natural rubber bag hot roll, film by a transfer to another roller roller, a roller temperature should be appropriately raise some, synthetic rubber is just the opposite. Rubber kraal cushion rubber plasticity is big, good rolling flow, semi-finished shrinkage rate is low, the surface is smooth, but spent big and easy to produce plastic sticking phenomenon, affect the operation. Rubber kraal pad rolling speed production efficiency is high, but the semi-finished product shrinkage deformation rate. Rolling speed should consider plasticity of the rubber size and formula containing adhesive rate. Formula contains adhesive rate is low for larger, rubber, plastic, rolling speed can be appropriate to speed up. Between the roller speed ratio is helpful to eliminate air bubbles, but not conducive to the smoothness of the piece. To do both, three-roll calender, under constant usually adopt, and for the glue, have proper ratio between roller.
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