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Innovation drive development of company

Innovation drive development of company


It was up to innovation to drive development of company.

Today, our haylite company receive 3 letters patent again.

To thanks for the efforts of all technology team, 

our company commend them with prize.

Take a group photo for threpresentative of the engineers 

Calf crush

All welding part and zinc rag are polished to protect calf.

Neck, body, ass all can be squeezed for checking.

Optional scale has battery, precision is 0.05%

With wheel to be moved easier.

Sheep mobile drafter

Classify sheep to 3 exits according to weight, 6 seconds per sheep.

Power is from air compressor, suit for farm without electric.

Optional tag reader, support computer connecting.

The error of weighing scale is less than 0.05%
With wheel to moved easier.

Folding mini storage container

With optional wheel, can move without specialized trailer

Economical, multipurpose, can be refitted as office, bar.

Bigger container load quantity for saving freight

Can be disassembled to save storage space

Easy to be assembled

If those product are also helpful for your work.

Welcome to contact us to get more details.

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