Insulating rubber byre mat what is the trend?

by:Desing      2020-04-13
According to insulation rubber kraal pad small make up to know, very much, all kinds of power plants at present NY250 oil resistant asbestos board power plants inside place is a very precious equipment, can be damaged due to electrostatic slightly do not pay attention to equipment. HNY300 oil resistant asbestos board in order to protect equipment from damage so when laid floor must to screening of the composition of the raw material of the floor, it is recommended to use insulating rubber kraal pad. Insulating rubber kraal mat laid very exquisite also must pay attention to the process. Anti-static floor shop outfit according to its way into anti-static flooring and anti-static floor two types, pinstripe rubber kraal pad with anti-static flooring straight is divided into: anti-static ceramic tile, PVC anti-static flooring, anti-static floor; And anti-static raised floor also can be divided into: ceramic anti-static floor, all steel anti-static floor type, aluminum alloy anti-static floor. The six types of anti-static floor each have advantages. Suggest the best and the most suitable for computer room anti-static floor is PVC anti-static floor. Insulating rubber kraal pad in the field of various industries and has a very wide range of USES, because it is in addition to have good insulation, and good resistance to high pressure performance. First of all we have to get to know the origin of the rubber, rubber latex rubber trees and other plants, is the source of the rubber elastic became as a choice for insulating rubber kraal pad first reason, good flexibility to insulation rubber kraal mat on floor, and other process is not easy to fracture, and has good stretching resistance and extendability. Insulating rubber sheet flecked the depth of the concave and convex parts or height shall not exceed the rubber sheet thickness tolerance, bubbles per square metre, the area is not in 1 cm2 bubble is not more than 5, the distance between any two bubbles is not less than 40 mm, the length and depth of impurity does not exceed the plastic board thickness is not less than 40 mm, not neat or spongy edges of a rubber sheet width does not exceed 10 mm, length less than 1/10 of the rubber plate length, and there is no rift. Choose rubber as the most important is the rubber insulation board with good insulation, the insulation rubber kraal mat can under high voltage v also can work normally, not affected by high voltage blessing. According to the different voltage grade to the insulating rubber sheet as to meet the needs of different products, this kind of circumstance is, greatly improve the work efficiency. Insulating rubber kraal mat also has very good waterproof, insulating rubber kraal mat spread on the ground effectively prevent the flooding accident, have played an important role to protect the safety of staff of life. Rubber is not only used in the electric power industry is also widely used in other industrial fields. Insulating rubber sheet color is also very diverse, mainly black, red, green, etc. This a few kinds of color. The thickness can be customized according to customer's need. The insulation of the high quality rubber sheet with good insulation performance, not with any insulation material in the material, excellent mechanical properties. In recent years, plastic flooring industry development in our country are flawed, along with the curtain and plastic sports floor of a thriving business, because it is easier to install easier to clean and care, plastic floor into the line of sight of people, the widespread high praise, also has been widely used in household, hospitals, kindergartens, sports venues and so on several occasions, thus, plastic floor market prospect is very broad. Plastic floor and PVC floor, is currently the world's most innovative high-tech extravagance and materials used in building materials industry. Is now widely used in overseas decoration engineering, since the 80 s into the market and get promoted in our country, in the place of business ( Supermarket, shopping mall, airport) And education institutions ( Schools, libraries, kindergarten) , sports venues, Stadium, gymnasium, casual games) And the medical and health structure ( Pharmaceutical factory, hospital, hygiene) The factory ( Electronics factory, laboratory, research) , the transportation, Automobile, ship, subway, train) And other industries widely used, and achieved satisfactory effect, high recognition, growing demand for plastic floor has the advantage of light quality, green environmental protection, non-toxic harmless, wear-resisting, prevent slippery, sound-absorbing noise reduction, insulation, flame retardant, moistureproof, construction is convenient wait for a multiple advantages, so quickly recognised by consumers in our country, but many manufacturers to produce plastic floor, part of the plastic floor production quality closes nevertheless, inferior plastic floor containing toxic substances, the serious influence to the consumer's physical and mental health, so be sure to look for the brand when buy buy authentic plastic floor. China's first plastic floor is the '80 s into the domestic market, has been developing to 2000, plastic industry or in a groping stage, from 2000 to 2004, plastic floor, just had a preliminary development and by 2004 to 2007, plastic sports floor began to recognized by the industry, after the Olympic Games perfect ending, plastic floor began to enter a period of rapid development, has been widely recognized and used until now. Plastic floor has experienced a difficult process, the development of any industry before being known as there will be an unacceptable phase, as long as the step by step, good product will eventually be recognised. And the development of the real estate industry in recent years, and indirectly lead to plastic flooring industry, promoting the rapid development of plastic floor, plus now for public facilities, the use of plastic floor, sales have years of growth, its personalized design for plastic floor also attract numerous customers, breaking the traditional design of floor of wood of a single space, the pattern of the plastic floor flexible open the market for it.
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