Insulating rubber kraal mat about plastic insulation materials, industrial applications

by:Desing      2020-04-14
Electronic electrical industrial plastic refers to the application in the field of electrical engineering plastic insulation materials, conductive plastic, pressure/thermal plastic material and products and its design and manufacturing technology. Electronic plastic electrical industry consumption quantity accounted for a third of the total consumption of plastic, after packaging and construction industry. Insulating rubber kraal pad here are electronic components and connectors to introduce plastic as insulating materials in electronic application on some of the electrical industry. Electronic components, electronic components with connectors, coil, induction components commonly as the center, including filter, oscillation, such as key components. These parts of integration and surface decoration technologies ( SMT) The added value of the emergence of electronic products is greatly improved. Connectors, connectors can use a variety of materials, such as PA, PBT, PET, etc. , which USES the lower cost of PA in the production of connectors. For example, Shanghai jie jie company PAF23 nylon products, processing and has good liquidity, can be used to make thin wall parts. As parts of diversification, higher request on the dimensional stability and heat resistance, can choose PBT material, in the special requirement of splice pieces can use PC material manufacturing. Of course, a more excellent heat resistance of PPS and LCP reinforced plastics is ideal choice for objects.
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