Insulating rubber kraal mat use and storage method

by:Desing      2020-04-06
Insulating rubber kraal pads were widely used in power plants, substations, charged, and the field operation. It mainly adopts the insulation class is glue is made and be become. Although d2 will not exist on both harmful and irregular objects. That is destroying uniformity is damaged, the defects of smooth surface contour. Such as holes, incision, fracture, local uplift, creasing, strikes, concave and convex corrugated and casting marks and so on. Harmless, irregularity mainly refers to the production process of formation of surface irregularities, it application and storage methods of what? Today, we detailed analyze for everyone. First of all, the product has good elasticity, it is under the action of external force, tensile can form crystals! And average molecular weight is bigger. Since the ability is stronger. It has good resistance to permeability. The waterproof effect is good, and it's insulation and thermal insulation performance is good. Because its molecular weight distribution is more wide, so easily, with packing and rubber mixing with other parts. Easier for calendering, pressure and other mechanical processing and paste shape. In addition, it also has high mechanical properties, so a good processing performance, the dispersion of it to match the agent and total soluble are stronger.
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