Insulating rubber kraal pad 'calls' is not a good thing

by:Desing      2020-04-11
Good insulating rubber kraal pad because the insulation is widely used in different areas, although it is the star of the insulation, but you let it calls is not a good thing. Insulating rubber kraal mat is different from general insulation board, insulation board is afraid of electricity, so small make up recommend, in the process of production must pay attention to the prevention of static electricity. As we all know, static electricity is a kind of power, is an objective phenomenon, are positive and negative charge in the balance of local scope. It retained in the object, with high potential, low power, small current and the characteristics of the short time. There are a lot of electrostatic generation. Its basic process can be summarized as: contact, electric charge, transfers, accidentally layer formation, charge separation. Because the body's own action and contact with other objects Factors such as separation, friction or induction, can take a few kv or even tens of thousands of volts electrostatic. But in order to ensure the quality of the effect of the insulation board and, in daily life should be anti-static measures. Electronic products in the production process, its components, components, finished product and equipment tools often contact, separation, friction and static electricity, you must use anti-static MATS, revolving cars, repair kits, tools, work chair, etc and through proper grounding, make the electrostatic discharge quickly in order to prevent the accumulation of electrostatic hazard. As insulation board of the finished product packaging must use anti-static shielding bag, packing bag, packing box, bar, baskets, etc. , to avoid the electrostatic damage in the process of transportation. In addition, due to electrostatic mechanical effects, the demand for purifying workspace anti-static measures must be taken. Clean rooms, such as wall, ceiling and floor should be made of antistatic not hair dust materials, instruments for operating personnel and artifacts, and a series of electrostatic protective measures should be taken. As the investment of science and technology, the style of the insulation board and species have been more and more, more afraid of electrostatic insulation board constantly, society and people's recognition and welcome. Want to learn more knowledge about insulation rubber kraal pad, can read the Thai website related content. Related: buy insulation rubber kraal pad should be 'identified'
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