Insulating rubber kraal pad: stealing rubber because of feng shui

by:Desing      2020-04-03
Because some people steal money, some people because of interests and hobbies. But have you ever heard of because of the feng shui, to steal? This paper insulation rubber kraal pad small make up for you about QiongZhong squat rubber trees turn 'feng shui'. Lives in QiongZhong Li Mushan town, a village of XXL for family misfortune, in recent years, often listen to Mr Feng shui, graves before the rubber tree blocking the XXL home feng shui, then squat graves before the 6 strains of rubber trees. It is known that one day in October 2012, lives in a village Li Mushan town XXL for family misfortune, in recent years, often so Mr Feng shui view, please. Mr Feng shui view the XXL home is located in yangjiang two graves, one team rubber forest farm is pointed out that the rubber tree of graves before blocking the XXL home feng shui, so that domestic misfortune, and must be made within this year saw rubber tree out of the graves before, Chen jia feng shui to get better. XXL, family economic difficult again at the same time, then produced the rubber sawed off and carry out the idea of selling profit. On the morning of November 3 XXL carry chain saw rubber forest to cut down the 6 strains of rubber trees, and local materials for logs. At noon, XXL hired a worker and a farm wagon, the rubber wood car ready to sell, seized on the spot by local police station. Shortly after, the forestry bureau in the conunty participates, 6 strains of rubber trees was cut down, buck volume of 2. 9957 cubic meters. Insulating rubber kraal pad understand QiongZhong to think after the court hearing the case, the defendant XXL to for the purpose of illegal possession in violation of the provisions of the forestry law, without authorization, cut down state-owned forest 6 strains, buck volume 2. 9957 cubic meters, the number is larger, its behavior constituted a crime of illegal logging. In view of the XXL voluntary confession, truthfully confesses criminal facts, can be given a lighter punishment according to law, QiongZhong court to commit crimes of illegal logging, the defendant Chen was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment eight months, suspended for a year, $1000 fine. Related: hainan rubber receive payment so easy
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