Insulating rubber kraal pad test method

by:Desing      2020-04-08
Each insulation rubber sheet are need to withstand voltage function examination. Inspection method is to put insulation rubber kraal pad covered by metal plate ( Generally available aluminum plate) Framework, in insulating rubber kraal pad on each side of the piece is less than 10 cm metal board, insulating board again in the metal plate of the connection of the transformer is placed above a piece of electrode, the other one electrode in insulating rubber kraal pad the other side, and then use the rate of about 1000 v/s to test voltage, continue to 1 min ma meter on the indicated value is specified. No breakdown for qualified products. Inspection when the high voltage breakdown of the insulation rubber kraal pad, at hole repair is allowed, but must be resistant to voltage test after repair, eligible talents to use, and only for a second.
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