Insulating rubber kraal pad, the aging reason is what?

by:Desing      2020-04-11
According to the insulation board small make up to know, 1: the moisture. Moisture to effect has two aspects: the rubber in the moist air in the rain, or soak in the water, and simple damage, this is because the rubber in the water soluble substances and the composition such as water group extraction dissolved by water. Hydrolysis or absorption reason lead to ground. Especially under the effects of soaking in the water and atmospheric exposure to replace, can accelerate the rubber to damage. But in some cases the moisture effect on rubber is not damaged, there are even delay the aging effect. 2: ozone. Ozone and chemical activity is much taller than oxygen, greater damage to the sex, it is also a cracking molecular chain attacks, but the effect of ozone to rubber condition is different according to the deformation of rubber or not. When the effect on deformation of ground rubber ( Mainly unsaturated rubber) When presented with stress effect direction straight crack, the so-called 'ozone cracking'; Effect on deformation of ground rubber, only appearance generates oxidation film but not cracked. 3: mechanical stress. Under the effect of repeated mechanical stress, can make the rubber chain cracking generates free radicals, trigger a chain of oxidation reaction, a chemical process. Mechanical cracking molecular chain and mechanical activation process. Which can dominate, depending on the local conditions. In addition, easy cause ozone cracking while under the effects of stress. 4: the light. The shorter the light, the greater the energy. Damage to the rubber effect is relatively high energy ultraviolet ray. Ultraviolet (uv) in addition to directly leading to the cracking of rubber chain and crosslinking, rubber by absorbing sunlight and free radicals, trigger and accelerate the process of oxidation of chain reaction. Ultraviolet light plays a heating effect. Another feature of the light effect, Unlike thermal effect) Is a major in rubber looks into it. Gel high sample rate, the two sides can present the reticular crack, the so-called 'light outer crack'. 5: heat. Progress in rubber geothermal temperature can cause cracking or thermal crosslinking. But re the ultimate effect is still the activation effect. Progress oxygen dispersion speed and activated oxidation reaction, then speed up the rubber oxidation reaction, it is common to an aging appearance - — The hot oxygen aging. 6: oxygen. Oxygen free radical in rubber and rubber molecules attack chain reaction, cracking molecular chain attack or excessive cross-linking, leading to the change of function of rubber. Oxidation is one of the important reason of rubber aging to effect. 7: other. To rubber effect factors and chemical medium, intending to metal ion, high-energy radiation, and electricity
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