Insulating rubber kraal pad use

by:Desing      2020-04-14
Silica gel plate has a non-toxic, environmental protection, high transparency, strong resilience, compression can keep not deformation, uv resistance and flame retardant properties. This product is made of high quality silicone rubber as raw material non-toxic tasteless. Resistance to high temperature. Good elasticity. High strength with excellent thermal air aging resistance, ozone resistance, insulation, can be in the temperature - 60 ~ + 200 ℃ under the condition of air or oil medium. Suitable for hardware mechanical and electrical. Electric and electronic. Airlines. Medical care. Printing. High voltage insulation and other industries! Performance: high tearing resistance, good resistance to oil, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, avirulent insipidity, strong elasticity. Suitable for industry or field: moulding silicon sheet is widely used in household appliances, electronics, lighting, electrical, machinery, equipment, etc. Work in oil medium of low and high temperature environment, can be coining oil seal, gasket, seal, sealed performance is good, used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry, and is suitable for demanding environment under pressure.
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