Insulating rubber kraal pads need to consider some of the problems of choose and buy

by:Desing      2020-04-14
Insulating rubber kraal pad is a kind of has a larger volume resistivity and electric breakdown resistance rubber stable mat. Insulating rubber kraal mat is one of the insulation board, today small make up the main insulation rubber kraal mat to you talk about quality! Insulation rubber kraal mat quality has two aspects: on the one hand is insulated rubber kraal mat the size of the insulation resistance, dielectric constant, high breakdown voltage, power factor, corona numerical level to the comprehensive measure insulation rubber kraal pad performance; In general, insulating rubber kraal cushion performance test requirements are not so detailed, as long as the test voltage and maximum voltage between has a certain margin, enough to ensure personal safety. On the other hand is the production of rubber insulation rubber kraal pad is different in quality, mainly reflected in the physical and mechanical properties of the insulating rubber kraal pad, smells, durability, flexible, waterproof, prevent mildew and use fixed number of year, etc. Insulating rubber kraal mat use requirement and environment, such as using the environment humidity, sunlight, etc. , these are all insulating rubber kraal mat must consider the factors of choose and buy.
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