Insulation materials common three main forms of existence

by:Desing      2020-04-08
What is the insulation material? Insulation materials have several form? Insulation: resistivity as the material of material of 109 ~ 1022 in electrical technology called insulation materials, also called the dielectric. Simple said is charged body and the other part of the isolation of the material. Insulation material has a very large resistance to the dc current, under the effect of dc voltage, in addition to the surface of tiny leakage current, in fact is not conductive, almost for alternating current has capacitive current through, but also think it is not conductive. The resistivity of insulating materials, the greater the insulation performance is better. Often use insulating paper equipment and environment are special, so making the insulating paper materials is also very demanding, the first of the more important is the heat resistance is better, because in the process of the action of electrical equipment heat is very big, if poor heat resistance equipment will be in the case of long term overheating caused equipment aging; The second is the need to have insulation resistance and high crushing strength, so do not show up in the electrical equipment in the process of using the leakage accident; Finally, we produce insulating paper, also must want to have thermal conductivity of materials, moisture proof, heat insulation and high mechanical strength and other important characteristics. In insulation materials mainly exists in the form of three, one is gas form, another is the form of liquid, the last one is the solid form. The most common type of solid insulation material, it mainly includes the product is insulation paper, plastic, rubber, ceramic, glass and so on these products belong to solid; Second type is liquid, it is mainly insulating oil is a kind of mineral and is a synthetic, although only two kinds of production but also plays a big role in industrial applications, finally see is gas type, the most common is that we have been using air and nitrogen, and so on. Different types of materials plays a different role in the industrial applications, we can according to we need to choose the most advantageous to us
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