Insulation stool when using matters needing attention

by:Desing      2020-04-03
Insulation stool has a single stool, high and low stool and multi-layer insulation stool, such as insulation stool form, is the first choice for power distribution and electricity management departments. Insulation stool when using need to pay attention to what issues? Insulating rubber kraal pad below small make up to tell you about. 1, before use: every time before using a ladder, must carefully check whether there is a crack surface, spare parts, such as the rope ladder, serious wear and safety impact damage; When using a ladder should choose is hard, smooth surface, in order to prevent the CeWai danger; If use the ladder more than 5 m, please be sure to set up the F8 to stay above in the ladder in the upper; Check whether all ladder feet in good contact with the ground, to prevent slippage; In the case of without the permission of the manufacturer, the ladder never attach other structure, never use a ladder and repair damaged; Lift the ladder, it is forbidden to hand cross arm, in case of a cut finger. 2, when using, must not exceed the ladder workload; Ladder feet have non-slip effect. But still need to have personnel directly by hand to hold the ladder for protection ( At the same time put the ladder CeWai) And stamped on the foot of the ladder, to prevent foot move; When climbing ladders or job, always keep your body in the middle of the ladder, tack of cross arm, body kept upright, not on the outside, because otherwise you may lost balance and accidents. Above is about insulation insulation rubber kraal pad small make up summary stool items need to be aware of when using, hope for your help, after reading if you have other questions about the insulation stool to consultation can contact us.
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