'Internet + milk' space have how old?

by:Desing      2021-02-04
Solstice, on December 16, 18, a global Internet have become 'wuzhen time'. More than 2000 international organizations, Internet, head of the enterprise leaders, experts and scholars of the party, which reflects the world of the Internet boom. When jack ma, lei jun, li, zhang, liu and other big Internet cafe suits to appear in the media, we found out the different scenery.
this wipe clean blue over the lens, a lot of people shine at the moment - — Mengniu dairy, President sun yi ping, the congress of the Internet, from dairy industry the first camp, the only one female owners.
a traditional dairy products company with a history of 16 years, a component of the heavier, specification higher worldwide Internet feast, how big is the intersection between them? The collision sparks of how?
the sun ping said: 'I hope the Internet is not only the Internet the company's assembly, but in order to constantly innovate to Internet ecosystem, using the Internet to connect with consumers under the company more opportunities. '
17 afternoon, as the congress the only dairy companies elected representatives, attended the' sun yi ping wuzhen talk & # 8226; Digital China 'BBS, and published the FMCG Internet cross-border innovation' of the speech, to share the digital management and operation pattern of mengniu, and new product research and development and the links consumers the ecosystem under the innovation and development strategy. In this very professional Internet conference, mengniu the internationalization of the traditional dairy companies and digital two-wheel driven innovation strategy and the exploration of the 'Internet +', by the attention of the whole assembly platform and the press.
'Internet + milk' space have how old? Sun yi ping mengniu is introduced in the product, channel, marketing, and other fields of digital experiment. Consumers, for example, known as the Mongolian featured farm pure milk cooperation with baidu cloud fields, a new way to cooperate with jingdong buy business, M - a key Stepping on the rhythm of The Times, mengniu form in the nearly two years 'the Internet ecosystem,' partner more than ten.
in the case of the sun yi ping share, mengniu joint stars partner, yu quan to build high quality Internet hi Milk Milk brands, such as quality, business model and consumer communication level, and the embedded integration of the Internet, most closely direct: visual exclusive ranch, wechat business annual purchase regularly, fastest 48 hours from the farm to the table, and so on. Through subverts the traditional business model and digital communication experience, success will be consumers into loyal users.
the sun ping said, 'the Internet is not only bring the Internet industry development opportunities and challenges for the traditional dairy, but the innovation space and more opportunities. Mengniu in the future to do the most vitality of Chinese international company, will firmly seize the internationalization and the digital core, with Internet systematic innovation thinking, promote the brand and technology innovation path to the lateral and depth development. '
when ancient town in the emerging Internet in one thousand, when the traditional enterprise on the Internet world congress of the platform, we have reason to believe that many traditional companies are, like mengniu as iconoclastic, becomes in the Internet economy a new force to be reckoned with in the. As we were hot value from that associated with the large Internet cafes of see, in the future, in this world, Internet companies dominated, men occupy the mainstream convention, can also see more 'fresh' faces.

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