Intravenous drip out to thousands of miles, the difference between the rubber kraal pad technology shall not be careless

by:Desing      2020-04-12
Think Mr Tai, technology is the core rubber kraal mat product competition, the difference between the drip out to thousands of miles, not tolerate any careless rubber kraal pad technology. Rubber byre mat is a technology, it includes selection is used for mixing all kinds of chelating agent and dosage, and development can be processed to meet or exceed customer demand, and the final product competitive kraal cushion rubber formula. Rubber kraal mat formula '3 p' is the combination of price, processing and performance. In the price of the global business competition under the environment of compound is very important. Kraal cushion rubber may give some rubber and rubber vulcanized rubber stall MATS products with excellent performance, but may be because the price is too high and not competitive. 3 p is important in the rubber byre mat, the fourth factor is becoming more and more important. These factors include compound, with the production of rubber and rubber kraal pad of the final products to health, safety and environmental effects. Some rubber may, for example, release of volatile chemicals such as workshop when some bad for your health to mining, the government is more and more attention to many ordinary compound. The government rules and regulations are constantly changing. About rubber kraal pad compound the health, safety and environment problem readers can contact the relevant government agencies and the raw material supplier or refer to the relevant literature. Processing property and rubber kraal mat formula development an important factor. A recipe may give excellent product performance, but if you can't effective production, you may face serious quality problems, low productivity, high rejection rate, most of your working time will be around to solve these problems in the factory recently. In addition to these factors and the physical properties of the vulcanized rubber is also very important, if you don't pay attention to and meet the performance of rubber, rubber kraal pad ( www。 syaotai。 com) The configuration will be in the face of customer dissatisfaction, and low return rate increase and sales problem.
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