Introduction to analysis about home decorate condole carries on the feng shui

by:Desing      2020-04-10
Every family has a sitting room inside, this is a very important place, if the relatives and friends came, at ordinary times is generally met here. In decorating a living room, it seems like to pay attention to beautiful appearance, but also can't stingy. Condole top is key one place, in particular, if the treatment does not reach the designated position, may directly affect the feng shui. Now we live in floor height is generally not more than 3 m, this look is not high, the height of the if install condole top, then under the whole person may be feeling very depressed. But you don't install condole top, the feeling is not so return a responsibility, the house looks seem not so beautiful. If the ceiling installation is too low, will look very not harmonious. So, can try a little higher, lower four corners, and it looks very harmonious. In the middle of the sitting room, there is a very important place, that is the ceiling. Some people at the time of installation of the ceiling, choose a deep color, actually it is very bad. Generally speaking, the main is given priority to with light color, the color of the ceiling then choose floor can use the darker color. This implication is to heavy day light, look enough stable, of course, is in geomantic go up to also won't appear the hapless thing, also for's at home. In addition to the ceiling, ceiling is also important. In feng shui, this aura in and out of a path, however, is greatly exquisite so when decorate. If the height of the ceiling is a bit low, so the people below will feel very depressed, and at the same time can also lead to the room inside and outside of the air flow is not smooth, the room type to directly to the block. So the ceiling can be installed a slightly higher, so that can attract more type. Finally, if put furniture, also need some cultured. General furniture in place, don't directly under the beam, it will give the family a lot of health problems, even appeared serious diseases
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