Introduction to analysis how to choose and buy rubber kraal mat

by:Desing      2020-04-09
Rubber kraal pad when the choose and buy, we can according to their different needs and USES, choose suitable rubber kraal mat type, how to choose in many rubber kraal mat are of good quality and cost-effective rubber kraal mat? Some of the following methods, everyone in the future to buy rubber kraal pad, you can reference. First, examine the appearance quality of rubber kraal pad. First the rubber kraal mat color, grey rubber kraal mat golden color, lit, carbide rubber kraal pad is tan or brown, even color and luster. With medium hardness, acid and alkaline can. In the temperature was minus 30 ~ + 60摄氏度 20% of the acid (between C Alkali) In the liquid. USES: can be coining various kinds of acid and alkali resistant requirements of good gasket sealing performance. Second, check the paint quality of rubber kraal pad. Put the floor at the light, see the surface bubbles, pitting, orange peel phenomenon, then look at the paint is rich, full, level off. On the pressure plate surface plating in purple, for example, a high pressure plate for sale. So, when buying besides check the appearance quality, the main determination of tensile strength is a can. On the plate transverse, interception of 200 mm x 20 mm sample 3, on the tensile test, and can be clear whether the shoddy, jerry. Three, the immanent quality of rubber kraal pad first see material pledge available hand and eye view, if the floor in my hand is lighter, insulating rubber kraal pad that USES is NenZhu; If the eye view its texture, this bamboo is not fresh, bamboo is older. Nitrile rubber has excellent resistance to fuel oil and aromatic solvents, such as performance, but not resistant to ketones, esters and chlorinated hydrocarbon, such as medium, so the oil seal products mainly adopts the nitrile rubber. Four, concept of rubber kraal mat whether the structure of symmetrical balance from rubber byre at both ends of the cross section, is in line with the principle of symmetrical balance, if accord with stable structure. The floor of the five, the rubber kraal cushion layer and interlayer bonding closely with both hands to break off the whether, whether there will be a layer. Silicone rubber has the outstanding high and low temperature resistant, resistant to ozone and weather aging resistance, in - The working temperature of 70 ℃ ~ + 260 ℃ can keep its unique use of elastic and ozone resistance, weather resistance and other a bit, suitalbe for making hot mechanism of the gasket, such as strong light source lamp shade seal ring gasket, valve pad, etc.
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