Introduction to analysis of insulation rubber kraal cushion stool in different phase of the matters needing attention

by:Desing      2020-04-14
Before using 1, before each use insulating rubber kraal mat ladder, surface, spare parts, such as the rope ladder must be carefully checked whether there is a crack, serious wear and damage affecting the safety. 2, should choose when using a ladder is hard, smooth surface, to prevent CeWai produce risk. 3, check whether all ladder feet in good contact with the ground, to prevent slippage. 4, if use the ladder more than 5 m, please be sure to set up the F8 to stay above in the ladder in the upper. 5, dizziness, giddiness, drunk or physical discomfort ladder is strictly prohibited. 6, near the door, window, door window must first be fixed, so as not to open and close the door, window and bumped the ladder. 7, wind conditions using a ladder take extra care or try not to use. 8, the correct use of the ladder is most suitable for height, no additional or place anything on the up and down the ladder to increase height. 9, in the case of without the permission of the manufacturer, the ladder never attach other structure, never use a ladder and repair damage. 10, the ladder lift, it is forbidden to hand cross arm, in case of a cut finger. When using, must not more than 1 working load of the ladder. 2, ladder foot have non-slip effect. But still need to have personnel directly by hand to hold the ladder to wake protection ( At the same time put the ladder CeWai) And stamped on the foot of the ladder, in case the bottom feet move. 3, climb the ladder must wear flat shoes, so as to avoid sliding accident. 4, when climbing ladders or job, always keep your body in the middle of the ladder, tack of cross arm, body kept upright, not on the outside, because otherwise you may lost balance and accidents. 5, the ladder when someone, it is forbidden to shift. 6, only allow a person to climb the ladder, or on a ladder. Work is done after use, please put the ladder to wipe clean, put in dry place preservation. Insulation production and use of the ladder: insulation ladder ( Hereinafter referred to as the ladder) The material, size and strength should comply with GB/T 17889. 1 - 1999、GB / T 17889。 2 - 1999 and other related requirements. The ladder materials can be glass fiber, metal, wood, etc. Straight ladder should not be more than 6 m in length, extension ladder fully extended length should be not more than 11 m, and shall be equipped with limit device to ensure extension and extension at least 1 m overlap. All personnel before using a ladder, should accept a training or guidance. It is forbidden to use improvised a ladder at the scene. It is forbidden to have such as vertigo or by taking drugs may affect body balance using the ladder.
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