Introduction to analysis of insulation rubber sheet of choose and buy four considerations

by:Desing      2020-04-12
Rubber kraal pad small make up understand, online search 'insulation rubber kraal pad' this keyword can out 5470000 information, such a huge amount of information that insulation rubber sheet industry joined the network sales force, so for such a dazzling information can what to distinguish? Rubber kraal pad small make up to know to tell you the choose and buy insulation rubber sheet four considerations. 1, see word of mouth. Remember to search on the Internet before confirm manufacturers information, reputation, it is very necessary. 2, the tensile strength, good insulation pads must be flexible. Insulated pad as well as the function of insulation effect and relieve fatigue. Pulling on insulated pad, feeling is flexible and will not break, the insulated pad can be a good product. 3, don't have a pungent smell. For rubber products, has a smell is inevitable, but the smell must not be too big effect use personnel work. Too much smell of insulated pad is the most direct manifestation of rubber additives too much. 4, pull a pull, a ten percent discount, there will not be broken. Easy broken insulation pads is added in the raw material recycled rubber, such insulated pad insulation performance is poor, affect the security of person. Do withstand voltage level detection. Insulated pad laid on power, this requires that we purchase the insulation of the rubber gasket must meet the stress levels. This should not be ignored.
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