Introduction to analysis of rubber kraal formula of the mat

by:Desing      2020-04-14
Rubber kraal cushion formulation cost is not only a simple calculation to unit quality raw material price, is must also consider its application in volume or quality as a benchmark. Based on the volume of applications - including cost The concept and calculation of the volume relationship. Use the lowest cost of rubber kraal mat formula is always tempting, but must always vigilant not woman by reducing costly cooperate agent and damage the quality of the products. Also, design not only wastes the cost too high, and can make products uncompetitive. Design can usually use the alternative material, but it must be carefully assessed, including reasonable cost calculation. Just because of security concerns and the design of the high rubber kraal mat product is a very natural tendency. Design rubber stall MATS products have effective security coefficient is necessary and very important, but also must from set out actually. Unrealistic safety coefficient was adopted to design limits the packing and the choice of polymer, formula will lead to a much higher cost. For example, the design of the main products is 1 000 hours, service life is composed of a design as its service life of the product for 100, 000 hours is pointless. Another tendency is prescribed some special physical characteristics as the requirement of engineering, the use of these features in the bullpen of rubber mat product performance no significance, but in industry can be considered as a quality index, such as the tensile strength is one of the performance. If on the contrary, for those failure will lead to serious economic consequences or potential casualties products, zero failure must go all out to do. For example, a large system equipment due to the failure of one of the components will collapse, or by falling productivity and increase the labor costs of maintenance equipment, increase the safety factor of the part is very sensitive. When worker safety is considered, the first to make sure that the rubber kraal mat product performance, then consider rubber kraal cushion the cost of the product. Stall on the premise of ensuring security, reduce the rubber mat product cost also is possible, but must be in full after the test.
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