Introduction to milking equipment cooling way

by:Desing      2020-04-04
Divided into two major categories of fixed and mobile milking equipment. Stationary, pail, between pipeline and milking, better replaced hand milking. But in the long run the milking equipment, can appear the phenomenon of fever, so in order to let everyone can be a very good solve the fault, let's come to introduce the cooling ways, let's look at: 1, the rotor oil film cooling of the cooling method is to connect a pipeline at the entrance of milking equipment, with uniform dripping cooling oil take away heat rotor. 2, air cooling, air cooling milking equipment, is between the level and two-stage pump suction air after compression, through the combination of the phase difference between the integrated absorption and muffler transmission. 3, water cooling milking equipment due to transportation and compressed gas to generate heat, the heat must be distributed from the rotor to a shell. 4, the rotor's internal cooling in order to make the milking equipment in more work under high pressure difference, can take more effective cooling method, the rotor with circulating oil cooling, respectively on both ends of pump shaft diameter shaft head into the oil hole, oil, the rotor wall again on the other side. If milking equipment operating time long fever, try the above several methods to cool it, after this way cooling milking equipment, from which point, the performance is the same, will not cause damage to equipment.
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