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introduction to milking machine

introduction to milking machine


Cow milking machine from cow machinery manufacturer is divided into piston type and pulse type, piston type of milking machine belongs to the first generation of products, low technical content, the price of this cow milking machine is also much lower, pulse type of cow machine has a barometer, adjustable pressure, milking speed will be much faster.

Instructions for milking equipment

I. Brief introduction to the structure of milking equipment

1. Structure: It is mainly composed of supporting frame 1, milk barrel 2, milk cup group 3, regulating valve 4, milk collector 5, pipeline 6, vacuum gauge 7, piston pump 8, transmission device 9, motor 10, working lamp 11 and so on.

2. Check the milking pressure, and operate empty for 2-3 minutes after starting up. There should be no stuck or abnormal sound in each moving part.

3. Then put the milk cup group inversion (that is, set milk all interfaces up and milk glass down), vacuum gauge pointer of milking equipment should reach 0.04 0.045 Mpa, vacuum degree too high or too low, the valve should be adjusted (vacuum up clockwise and counterclockwise vacuum reduce) milk to the required pressure, milk may work, this operation is very important in milk components.

Part 4. The installation of a cup of milk, milk should stand at the side of the cow's left hand milking inverted cup group (collection of milk is the connecting tube mouth up, milk drops down) on the nipple below, one at a time with the right hand will close milk up (at the same time corresponding short bent tube one by one, make the atmosphere could not enter), quickly set on the nipple, stretch short tube, vacuum start sucking nipple.

5. Control of milk flow in milking equipment: Milking should be carried out under normal working vacuum (generally no more than 0.05mpa), and four breasts can be massaging by hand when milk flow is relatively low.

Once the flow of milking equipment has stopped, the milking should continue for 5-10 seconds using a hand milk collector.

Then holding the milk collector with one hand and pressing the mouth of the milk cup with the other hand, the air enters and quickly moves the milk cup from different directions one by one.

Other status of cow milking machine : never use milking machine the first few days might reduce milk yield of cows and sheep, and even get a cup of milk, then you should never use the manual to do the milking, mechanical milking cattle, sheep is very difficult to accept, so that should be used for the first time in a few days ago to milking machine is put in the barn, let them get used to the noise of the machine and milking machine, about 2 to 4 days.

The cow will gradually get used to using the milking machine and milk production will return to normal.

Installation of milk cup for milking machine :

1. Put the milk cup into the milk cup shell.

The transparent nose is loaded by the sucking mouth.

The small end of the rod against the transparent head, the big end against the table, with your hand to hold the milk cup shell, about downward force, the transparent head and milk cup cover at the same time out.

The inner sleeve of the milk cup reveals the outer shell of the milk cup about 6-7mm.

Vacuum mobile sheep milking machine: low noise, simple structure, flexible and convenient operation, stable work, high milking efficiency, alternating milk.

Equipped with domestic pulsator, milking soft, does not hurt the nipple, is helpful to improve the milk production of sheep, vacuum mobile sheep milking machine is designed according to the national standards and technical requirements, with stable performance, vacuum tank effective reserve large, low noise, simple operation and other advantages.

The milking machine works in a horizontal state and can be pushed to the side of the milk goat for milking, or it can be connected with a vacuum air source for pipe milking.

This cow machine adopts rotary vacuum pump, direct transmission, compact and reasonable structure, with automatic lubrication device, to ensure trouble-free operation.

Stainless steel vacuum tank can prevent a moment of negligence, a large amount of milk filled with the milk bucket or the milk bucket knocked over, the milk is pumped into the vacuum tank through the rubber tube, to prevent the milk being pumped into the vacuum pump accident.

The vacuum tank is equipped with a vacuum regulator and pulsator. The milk bucket is made of stainless steel and is equipped with a rubber sealing ring, which forms a sealed container during operation.

The milking cup is assembled with an automatic switch, an important measure for breast protection, and is equipped with a stop valve.

The pulsating waveform of imported pulsating apparatus is extremely stable and reliable, which is an ideal milking equipment for medium and small dairy sheep farms and dairy goat raising professionals to realize modern milking of dairy goats.

More info about milking machine,.contact Desing livestock equipment factory.

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