Introduction to taobao shop baby shooting method and analytical skills

by:Desing      2020-04-10
According to taobao shooting small make up to know, selling goods on the Internet, mainly by baby pictures to pass information! When you see someone tile shop clothes very professional is very beautiful, but itself and take out what to do, especially small sellers, don't want to spend too much money for professionals, then look at the response paper shop, how many will be helpful to you oh believe, the main content of this article is based on the analysis of children's clothing professional official image thinking the shooting method, in order to achieve similar results. As a buyer, willing to accept must be neat shops, no matter what style picture, as long as you strive to picture the style is unified, can achieve clean effect, have all sorts of styles if it is, at sixes and sevens, how to retain customers. Seemingly simple things, from the analysis of the examination official pictures to in-kind shooting improvement repeatedly, with the shopkeeper about 3 days, it would not have been rough, very hard, said here mainly and everybody said the train of thought, can extrapolate, apparel produced similar results this method can be used, such as the title says, because it is analyzing the official pictures are summed up, some small details may differ slightly and official figure photography method. Prepare first before shooting, shooting equipment, with best SLR camera, card machine also can, at least two soft light, filming equipment sold on taobao many, price a few hundred dollars, can choose according to need, your DIY a can also, of course, effect of equipment, the better the closer the official figure effect, or even not as good as the shopkeeper of rendering. Taken the better the results late PS adjustment is more simple, instead the picture effect is not very good, will spend more time on post-processing may not achieve the desired effect, had taken the shopkeeper effect can be better, because in the technical research stage, some equipment is not in place, Just use the 3 desk lamp as light source) , for the first time, it felt like iron man cave manufacturing armor.
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