Introduction to the development of the electronic scale prospects

by:Desing      2020-03-27
With our continuous efforts in recent years, our electronic scale hit high again. So today our electronic scales such as now development prospects? Small make up today, and everyone together to talk about our prospects of the development of electronic scales. At present our country electronic scale manufacturers have hundreds, including Shanghai, zhejiang electronic scale old base for production and have developed the corresponding product in our country, there are dozens of varieties of products reached the international advanced level of similar products, and applied to power, light industry, machinery, engines, internal combustion engines, electric cars, motorcycles, cars, ships, planes, measurement &test departments and various fields such as manufacturing industry, electronic scale instrument production and sales of nearly 9 million units, growth at around 14%, production output and sales in 10 billion yuan. Domestic electronic industry scale and enterprise although has developed a number of varieties and amount of similar and reach the international advanced level products, but compared with international level, on the product structure, the technical level, the high-end products in the market share, About 15% or so) Still exists a large gap, subject to domestic enterprises, in the face of the high speed development of our country market, manufacturing enterprises in China will speed up the pace of technical progress and market development, efforts to do a good job in exploring markets at home and really do the electronic measuring instrument industry in China and stronger, more, better and newer electronic measuring instrument products available to the masses of users. Artificial intelligence (ai) is a new field of computer application, using the computer simulation of human intelligence, the instrument will further development, will contain certain artificial intelligence, is a part of the mental work instead of man, thus in sight, hearing, thinking, etc, have certain ability, after the application of artificial intelligence in the modern instruments and meters, we can not only solve the problem of the traditional method is difficult to solve a class of, can also be used to solve the traditional way can't solve the problem. In recent years, our industry to intelligent electronic scale table development has made remarkable achievements, and has a broad space for development and application prospect, with positive policies introduced gradually, intelligent instrument and meter industry development in our country will usher in a new opportunity, in the future, instruments and meters will be more functional. This kind of multi-function integrated products not only in performance ( Such as accuracy) Than the special pulse generator and high frequency synthesizer, and on various test function provides a good solution. With microelectronics technology matures, prices falling, its applications will also increase continuously, so wireless electronic scale is one of the future development trend of the instrument. Miniature instruments will not only has the function of traditional instrument and meter, and can in automation technology, aerospace, military, biotechnology, medical field play a unique role. Through the above knowledge, the development prospects of electronic scales had become the picture. What is in the small make up today to bring us these. In this paper, by the Shanghai heng electronic scale small make up finishing just instrument co. , LTD. , thanks for your support! If you still want to know: why electronic scale instead of mechanical scales exist!
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