Inverted bucket scale printing ink factory, 500 kg barrel material balance

by:Desing      2020-03-28
Inverted bucket scale printing ink factory, 500 kg drum material balance, inverted bucket scale suitable for chemical, food workshop material or use all the needed ingredients, terminal handling barrel; Barrel of oil depots handling, stacking, etc. , suitable for mechanical and electrical applications is relatively sensitive, must be to protect against environment. Explosion-proof requirements, if any, optional explosion-proof type display, more secure, welcome customers call advisory. Inverted bucket scales: inverted bucket weigh station structure: all steel weighing platform or in PD model frame corners with adjust the supporting feet junction box built-in containers, beautiful and easy to transport and loading cans of electronic scale metering battery operation ( DC) , manual hydraulic operation convenient handling for processing chemicals, such as cosmetics and paint USES special steel compound, high physical strength, fully guarantee accuracy of flat plate or mesa surface roasts the paint processing by sandblasting, strong KangFuXing can choose full stainless steel material, polishing, wire drawing processing production. Safe handling dangerous goods inverted bucket scale parameters: weighing range ( 300公斤) Dividing value ( 0. 1公斤) The load measuring device: CI - 1200, sensor power supply: rechargeable batteries, transformer, according to six LCD ( H: 23毫米) Standard function keys: on/off, zero, peeling, locking after-sales service: A, pre-sale: 1, according to the customer request real quotation for customers, customers have special requirements in A timely manner to record feedback; 2, conclude a contract for the specification of product order, clear responsibilities and other related matters; 3, offer one year free warranty, life-long maintenance service, responsible for debugging good product before shipment; B, after-sale: 1, if the customer product failure, the first one time to solve the problem for you in the Shanghai area, other place by the contact of the service to provide you with solutions; 2, during the warranty period, the product maintenance free, more than warranty period, also can provide maintenance, if the replacement parts, product parts according to the cost price. Chemical plant with explosion-proof electronic platform scale pig farm price said pigs animal husbandry scale manufacturers tilting bucket scale, explosion-proof barrels scale manufacturer of electronic print platform scale, floor type weighing electronic balance
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