Is Desing an OBM?
Qingdao Desing Farming Technology Co.,Ltd. is not experienced enough to being an OBM. But we are professional in offering ODM and OEM service for you. OBM is the abbreviation of Original Brand Manufacture which refers to a manufacturer who creates its own product brand as well as produces and sells products with its own brand. It is a great challenge for us to develop into an OBM, which requires the strong support of complete sales network and channel establishment.

Over the years, Desing has been a trustworthy manufacturer and supplier of cattle working systems. We specialize in design and manufacture. The cattle equipment series is one of the main products of Desing. Desing livestock equipment sale goes through several production stages, including the fabrication and solder of the circuit board, surface treatment, insulation testing, assembly, and commissioning. The product adopts rot and rodent resistant materials. There is newly developed function for livestock fence panels and will bring better user experience. It can be sprayed with paint to get a more eye-attractive appearance.

We will enforce the most strict emission standards. We promise to reduce the total manufacturing emissions significantly in the coming years.
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