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Is your horse stable up to scratch? Compare these four points now

Is your horse stable up to scratch? Compare these four points now


Choose horse stable floor

Is your horse stable up to scratch?

Our horses don't need fancy rooms or fancy decorations, they need safe, secure homes.

Horse stable floor  is very important horses management!

Make sure it's non-slippery and not too rough, which could cut their legs when they lie down or roll over.

General cement floor can meet the basic needs for best horse stable.

The best option is a special rubber pad, be careful with special materials, because some types of non-slip rubber absorb water and will absorb horse's urine.

There is nothing wrong with rubber floor mat except that it is expensive.

Wall of horse stable

You can choose to put rubber pads under the walls of horse stables to protect their legs while they roll. This is not necessary, but it's nice.

The most upper part of horse stable can choose a transparent fence, not only can it  do ventilation, but also it can let horses can have some ~ gentleman ~ communication, which will not be too lonely.

Horse house mat

Thicker padding is better, but not the thicker one is the better.

There are a few principles: sawdust, rice husks, old newspaper strips are good choices;

A place high on all sides, low in the middle, which protect from open grass and water.

Drinking water in horse stable

Whether you choose grass net, put grass on the ground, or put it in a bucket, whether you install automatic drinking water or use a bucket, there are pros and cons to it depending on your horse.

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