Jiangsu: strawberry leaves to feed the sheep 'ecological'

by:Desing      2020-12-02
On December 17, xinghua fishing town in jiangsu province xing xiang breeding sheep cooperatives strawberry greenhouses, a long long looks like the strawberry is booming. The cooperative's chairman Xia Gui said, kind of strawberry is actually in order to raise sheep 'ecological'. In early 2008, fishing town north Korea village villagers Xia Gui just founded xing xiang breeding sheep cooperatives in the village, in recent years, breeding sheep breeding stock and the lamb in such quantity in more than 1000. Although breeding sheep feed with tofu, vinegar bad and all kinds of straw and shredded wheat straw straw and other kinds of scraps is given priority to, but the ewe and nursing ewes of labor must be appropriate to add some green fodder. Xia Gui to take strawberry leaves to LinCheng Town transverse lu village, strawberry leaves was breeding sheep superior green fodder, not only nutritious, but also supply cycle is long. Xia Gui to invest 70000 yuan in 2011, before the sheepfold built five strawberry greenhouses, win-win-win result: digest more than 5 tons of dung; Provided a great number of high quality feed for breeding sheep; Each greenhouse strawberries sales of nearly ten thousand yuan. This year, again Xia Gui nearly 50 mu of land in the east of ZhongYangChang circulation, investment of 250000 yuan has built more than 40 greenhouses. Xia Gui said, this year, planted in greenhouses toyonoka, beauty and flange three varieties of strawberry. Because the dung is not insect, long fertilizer effect, strawberry thrive, basic need not pesticide. The earliest GuaGuo beauty cream strawberry listed has been nearly a month, the highest to 50 yuan per kilogram. 'Strawberry leaf has been played three batch, need to play two batch. These days, a ewe lamb production every day, strawberry leaves as ewes have special supply feed up. 'Xinghua Lin Muye agro-technique extension researcher Zhang Fuyi, said,' the sheep eat some green fodder, can increase vitamin A, improve the quality of mutton sheep. 'If you think this net reprint content involved, the author of a work, please contact us as soon as possible. Telephone: information.

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