JW - EP0003 - Electronic pulse break other countries process to make the global advanced level

by:Desing      2020-04-05
Mechanical technology co. , LTD. To provide effective JW - EP0003 - Electronic pulse effective solution, welcome to visit website, pay more attention to JW - EP0003 - JW - electronic pulse related topics, to understand EP0003 - Electronic pulse technology break other countries to make the global advanced level, contact:. Reading always blamed on team failure management in traditional concepts. It should be said that the 'normal' is more accurate management mistakes. Many teams passing or failure of the literature, mainly refers to the management and guidance. Among them, many judges just right. The lack of long-term perspective, not spending enough time and money, too little training a hasty end and give guidance is the common cause of the failure of the team, managers want to results, do not want to change the consequences. In the team itself? The management team want to bend to reflect, also want to for their own problems and shortcomings. Here are some common problems of team together. When can we get the attention of the board of directors? In most business organizations, the establishment and training of staff is a major event management. But for the staff, it is a great event. Most of them had never been so concerned about their bosses, they feel more important and more attention. Of course, this also leads to unrealistic expectations, which in turn leads to a kind of frustration. A beautiful bubble burst, the new team will be considered they are managing to mislead, they want to do special things ( Such as design their own production quotas) , ignoring their own solutions to problems ( Such as to ensure that each employee is not competent supervision work time) 。 So it is necessary to remind the team, their main job is to do good work, not concerned about the company's product prices. Advice: don't dye the team concept. Let us first understand the contents of the work. Tell the team should solve the problem of their 'reach', that is to say, the surrounding environment, their direct investment and output. Team began in things outside the scope of the smell of their duties, team members have no what, because they know that this process is poorly understood. Tell the team a time range. To make the team eventually became a self-managed unit, you need to make a plan to tell the team how you achieve this goal. Immediately clear mandate. Want to clear these rights, often declare these permissions. Tell the team directly, work is still working, rather than a job or process. Team success is the most critical standard of ability to do the job. The tortoise and the hare cooperation perseverance of slow is likely to win some games, but not always win. Everyone has a different way of working. When they focus on a team, team members' work style to study the tortoise skilled employees work style. A total of 4 pages: the 1234 - page on the next page this news source: http://www. shandongjinaiji。 com/news/23。 aspx
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