Keldorn rubber animal mat characteristics and scope of use

by:Desing      2020-05-09
Rubber all kinds animal mat, roughly including non-slip rubber animal mat ( Herringbone) , the elasticity of rubber powder cow mattresses ( The stable mat) , super thick animal mat ( Turtle grain) , antiskid stable mat ( Small diamond cow mattresses) , big diamond antiskid cow mattresses, non-slip rubber sponge animal mat, anti-fatigue animal mat, channel animal mat, non-slip rubber can be spliced animal mat, sow mat, pig heat preservation material trough points, etc. Respectively on both sides has a number of hemispherical lug boss and several section bar groove shape a semicircle, described in the hemispherical lug boss, bar groove and rubber gasket with high temperature vulcanization molding. Rubber nylon fiber is contained in animal husbandry and pad, besides has the advantage of the traditional rubber animal mat, also has the product density is small, light weight, high strength, wear resistance and resistance to the advantages of flexible strong, prolong the service life of the animal husbandry and pad, avoiding the traditional animal husbandry cushion is easy to tear, easy to appear the problems of the contraction deformation, animal husbandry and convex decorative pattern on the surface of the pad at the same time have the function of the massage, non-slip, such as bar groove increased friction with the ground, and can keep the floor dry, promptly eliminate sewage, to reduce the incidence of livestock. To have high tensile, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, prevent slippery, waterproof, anti-static, cold insulation, heat insulation, easy to clean, easy to replace and so on. 1, new technology, to join the short fibers or tearing resistance grid cloth to make the product can reach 5 - service life 10 years and can be used for large horses and cattle and sheep breeding base; Dairy barn, milking parlour, animal room, the racecourse, the stable, and so on, rubber mat installation simple easy to use, and save the cost of traditional grass. 2 for rubber, rubber animal husbandry pad itself, surface is uniform, has played a good prevent slippery effect of massage, with cold insulation heat preservation effect. Livestock laid mat to the rest of the beast is better. Cement or sand livestock on top there will be a cold or cough up cattle. Laying animal mat can be a very good protection of the normal rest of cattle to sleep. 3, animal husbandry and pad itself for rubber, rubber itself is not bibulous, strip drainage grooves, enhances the mat and the friction of the ground, as well as timely discharge sewage, urine, to ensure the environmental health of dry, when meeting the livestock urine can quickly and timely to the urine, kept the barn dry performance enough to play fast drainage moistureproof, and avoid the phenomenon such as bacterial growth, reduce the drop-out rates. 4, can prevent slippery, anti-static, cold insulation, heat insulation, good clean, easy to change, sanitation, epidemic prevention disease; Animal husbandry pad of medium hardness, has good flexibility, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance of the animal husbandry pad positive with decorative pattern, livestock on above, decorative pattern can contact the cow skin of livestock have the effect of massage, promote blood circulation of livestock. And animal mat with decorative pattern can not only play a massage effect. Surface raised pattern can have very good anti-skid effect. Can effectively avoid the livestock to hurt, reduce the drop-out rates. 5, the product has no pungent odor, walk to there is elastic, very durable. Easy installation, easy to clean, prevent all kinds of diseases, such as: cow body disease, mastitis, etc. 6, animal husbandry and coil for rubber MATS or cutting mat, width 1 - 2 meters can be customized. Length of the length of the actual production according to customer requirements to customer needs. This product surface for turtle grain pattern. With antiskid groove on the back. Because of using new technology to make the whole tensile strength of the product can reach 5 mpa. Service life and wear-resisting performance is greatly enhanced. : the tag: non-slip rubber animal husbandry pad
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