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Key points of horse stable design and construction

Key points of horse stable design and construction


Horse stable is one of the core horse equipments of horse farm and  such horse farming equipment is the residence of horse

The design and construction of horse racecourse should comply with the principles of horse welfare and safety.

Horses spend most of their time in horse stables, so the design of horse stables is particularly important.

There are three key points to note in the design and construction of horse stables:

1. Social security
2. Environmental health
3. Microclimate (Temperature and humidity)

Social security of horse stable

As we all know, horses live in groups, so they have social needs. Social security and social needs are one and the same.

If the social needs are not met, horses will have psychological problems, psychological problems will lead to a variety of horse diseases, and psychological problems will spread in horse stable.

On the other hand, horses naturally fight for their place in the herd, and this is part of social behavior.

We certainly don't want horse to be injured because of fight, which will bring a series of injuries, the loss of the recuperation.

How to satisfy both social needs and social security is the problem that the racetrack designers need to solve for hose stable design.


  • Environmental health of horse stable

  • Environmental health includes sanitation, air quality and lighting. Horse stables are supposed to smell of urine. But urine doesn't have to be in horse stable. Equestrian designer is the only double grade A architectural design institute with its own equestrian base. Many visitors wonder why the stables don't smell at the base.

  • It's really simple -- "take care of."

  • The equestrian designer's horse stables should be cleaned at least three times a day, including sweeping horse stables corridors, sprinkling water to reduce dust, and removing MATS contaminated with horse dung and urine at any time.

  • Put in full-time labor, it is to be able to take care of the stable like a five-star hotel!

  • But there's another way of thinking, which is to use technology to drastically reduce the labor cost, and that's what we've done in our new case.

Horse stable receives light.

For horses, the sun sheding in horse stable after horse has a good meal, for horse, it is a must and the most comfortable time, while horses in captivity spend most of their time in horse stable.

Therefore, the design and construction of horse stable must not neglect the lighting!

Micro climate of horse stable

Horse stable's microclimate (temperature, humidity) is also a key consideration in the design and construction of the stable.

Horses need a very different microclimate from humans.

For example, tolerance to temperature and humidity, requirements for microclimate stability...

The differences in atmospheric climate, geographical location and built terrain of the horse farm will have a huge impact on horse stable microclimate, which needs to be dealt with by the horse farm designer on a case-by-case basis.

This is one of the reasons why equestrianism designers don't recommend copying.

  • Summary on horse stable:

  • An efficient horse stable with low operating costs depends entirely on the care and diligence of horse stable manager and the professionalism and creativity of racetrack designer.

  • Almost every racecourse has its own "treasure of the town" - a few fine sports horses or stallions, each worth tens of millions of dollars.

  • But the investment in the design and construction of horse stables is often neglected, which is the current situation of horse farms in China.

  • The investment is well worth it. After all, an entire horse stable is probably worth less than a fraction of the cost of a famous horse.

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