Know what insulation board is the composition?

by:Desing      2020-04-12
Industrial rubber insulation kraal pad as the name suggests is a kind of application in industrial stall on the rubber mat, the industrial rubber insulation kraal mat peace of rubber products have what different? Insulating rubber kraal pad manufacturer for you to solve! Insulating rubber kraal pad of the main raw material is rubber, because the rubber insulation is unable to horses and other materials. And rubber highly elastic has caused the difficult nature of fracture have good ductility. Vulcanized rubber products processing is one of the main technological process, under the condition of heating or irradiation, the raw rubber and rubber vulcanizing machine produces chemical reaction, make the rubber by the linear structure of the macromolecular crosslinking three-dimensional reticular structure of large molecules, which can lead to physical and mechanical properties, and other rubber performance is improved, a process called sulfide, along with the development of science and technology and production, vulcanizing machine and high temperature is no longer necessary for sulfide, some rubber can be in low temperature, and even can be at room temperature vulcanizing, some available physical methods, such as rubber rubber crosslinking with y rays without vulcanization agent, making any stall in a rubber cushion rubber material, are subject to various cooperation agent cooperation together, constitute a multicomponent system data, in which each component must be effect. Soften the plasticizer and other processing AIDS can make the rubber has the necessary process function, improve the cold resistance, also can reduce the cost; Stabilizer can you improve the ageing resistance function of vulcanized rubber, and the type of aging on each type protective effect, and then extends the service life of rubber kraal pad. Industrial rubber application range is wide, the dosage is big, is essential in today's industrial development, cannot replace the important materials, hope the above for insulating rubber kraal pad main ingredients of the interpretation of relevant knowledge can bring you help.
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