Knowledge of cow milking equipment

by:Desing      2020-02-17
Functions of milking equipment: (1) perfect functions, equipped with the advanced functions such as automatic feeding pen and automatic medicinal bath system; (2) vacuum pump frequency conversion, drive frequency conversion, milk pump frequency conversion, low energy consumption, high efficiency; (3) perfect and practical management software with 100% recognition rate; (4) low failure rate, low maintenance cost, free after-sales service system; (5) spectacular appearance and good visiting effect. Milk cow milking equipment cleaning knowledge: After each milking, all parts of the milking equipment that milk passes through should be cleaned in time. Cleaning method: rinse with clean water, then put into hot detergent (temperature 70℃, containing 1% alkali), wash with a brush, * clean with hot water at 80℃, dry for later use. Clean, check the rubber cover in the milk cup should be removed to clean, but to prevent deformation due to excessive water temperature, at the same time, to check whether the rubber cover is intact, found leakage phenomenon, should be replaced immediately. Check the milk collector of the milking equipment of the cow after cleaning, in the assembly should check whether the rubber gasket is intact, the holes in the four walls are free of air. Prevent the glass tube from damaging the glass tube and the inlet switch on the lid of the milk can. Handle it carefully during the cleaning process to avoid damage and no leakage after assembly. Overhaul pulsator pulsator and vacuum hose disassemble and wash once a week, and check whether the rubber film of the pulsator is intact, whether the holes in the wall are smooth with the atmosphere. After assembly, adjust the pulsation frequency according to 40-70 times per minute for use. The refueling of pulsator shall be carried out according to the requirements of the supplier. Timely replacement of milk delivery tube of milking equipment of cows should be timely replaced, otherwise, on the one hand, it is difficult to milk because of its poor elasticity, on the other hand, any tiny cracks on its surface will remain milk dirt, providing conditions for the reproduction of bacteria. Check the milk pump check valve once a week if the check valve diaphragm breaks, air will enter the milk pump, there should be a milk pump check valve standby. Check and clean the vacuum regulator, sensor and vacuum pump belt once a month, wipe the valve and seat of the vacuum regulator with a wet cloth, clean the sensor filter with soapy liquid, and then install it after drying. The belt should have a tension of 1.25 cm when pressed with the thumb. If the belt is worn or damaged, it should be replaced in time. After replacing or adjusting the belt, it should be checked whether the two wheels are in a straight line.
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