Large and medium scale beef cattle farm construction planning technology

by:Desing      2020-03-24
District scale beef cattle breeding cowshed building must consider breeding purposes, in the condition of scale and cattle facilities and other factors. When large-scale breeding, want to consider labor saving; Small breeding, to facilitate the detailed status of each head of cattle, to give full play to the physiological characteristics of cattle, improve the economic benefit. Beef cattle breeding area is usually allocated a clearing by the local township, village, built by private investment to zap the ledger, collective investment established veterinary office or service station. So convenient for epidemic prevention, and can prevent the pollution of the environment, improve the management level and product quality. Beef cattle breeding area in different forms, but should follow the following principles: one, the village site choice: cattle farming village site choice, should follow the principle of scale educate FeiNiuChang select site. If the condition does not have, also can adjust measures to local conditions, make full use of local leisure area, but must ensure that the transportation is convenient, in order to feed and cattle in and out. Community in the form of: beef cattle breeding area are mainly from numerous autotrophic, shelves cattle fattening, since numerous autotrophic and cattle fattening shelf combined three forms. Since the numerous autotrophic can make full use of roughage, lower investment costs, breeding cycle is long, slow capital turnover, suitable for the economic conditions of poor areas. Shelf cattle fattening investment is larger, concentrate high demand, high feed costs, short breeding period, the capital turnover is fast, high economic benefit. Since the numerous autotrophic and cattle fattening, shelf can make full use of the advantages of both the breeding management complex. Three, district layout and design: the layout of the cattle farming village, design requirements and scale to zap approximation, should also include the disinfection pool, veterinary office, cowshed, isolation between the cowshed, feed production, silage pool, AnHuaChi, manure storage field, waste disposal facilities, cattle and other facilities, but the division of living area, production area is not very clear, the barn for single-row type commonly, each 6 - Between 12 and 1 - 2 all, 1 - 2 the feed chamber and the dormitory, the rest to the barn. Each barn feeding 3 - 5 head, basic shelter, calving, calves breeding and breeding the barn and fattening cowshed division is not obvious. Silage pool and AnHuaChi by each go to raise construction according to the breeding scale, general second one, so that can save investment, but also improve the utilization rate of equipment. Silage pool and AnHuaChi generally located at both sides of the cowshed, easy to take. Four, residential shelter building: shelter cattle farming village buildings are similar to scale to zap, but less demanding, can make full use of local materials, in order to reduce the cost of construction. In warmer areas, building temporary shelters, can be a large number of investment saving; In summer hot and winter is colder climate region, must be a strong open the barn or half open the barn, that can assure ventilated barn to summer, winter with plastic sheeting and mat will shut the barn, in order to from.
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