LE20 electronic pulse diaphragm: solid product advantages to expand new industry

by:Desing      2020-04-02
Walter machinery technology co. , LTD. Zibo gold efforts for clients to realize LE20 electronic pulse diaphragm quality guidance, more content, access to this site to obtain LE20 electronic pulse diaphragm related content, understand LE20 electronic pulse diaphragm: solid product advantage develop new industries, welcome call:. Reading the core values of many local brands lack of concentration of brand building, often in the market pressure, or short-term temptations, errant core brand value. Many enterprise managers in the daily business activities are focused on how to improve the product sales to a competitor's attack, etc. , and ignore the specific business strategy should always focus on the core value of brand development. It is easy to see this phenomenon: 'in the leadership, change the brand strategy, change the advertising company, change the advertising appeal' and 'things point fire, burning incense, advertising appeal letter roaming constantly changing. In this case, even if companies invest a lot of advertising costs may not be able to create a distinctive brand personality, but the brand image is fuzzy, let consumers have no effective accumulation of brand assets. This brand of 'basic interests' phenomenon, which is one of the main reasons, China's local brands a flash in the pan. Maxam six has two brands, Shanghai jahwa in the mid - 90 - s, six times that of the profitability of Maxam is three, but the situation is the opposite in recent years, the profit is three times the nightfall and which, nightfall bath dew is in more than 10 years of honed, eyebrows drawn out the sword, and the many international well-known brand unplug, washing products become a summer. The same production, marketing and how to produce such result? After in-depth research we found that the brand appeal 'cool nightfall, herbal essence, use the best summer' highly differentiated, obviously, but more than ten years of unremitting, is consistent. For eight years, however, like six revolving door which brand manager, in the emphasis on 'youth without knit' claim 6 brand manager, after the launch of 'activating CQ condensation water, 6 a brand manager dug Wells, but no dig, the final result, only the brand personality is more and more blurred. But because of its unique personality and Liushen is consistent performance, brand image and market performance in 2005, 2006, especially, in the middle of 2007 nightfall product sales revenue grew by 17%, 22% and 9%. Then in automobile brand geely, for example, the original brand appeal is 'building cars,' however, as the change of market environment, the attraction of the brand will also change. It is put forward higher request, to the quality of the products, 'to build affordable car'; Then, expand the scope of the market, make people all over the world can afford to buy a car '; Finally a higher level, make the 'advanced in the world, China's leading flag. Brand needs changing, let consumer can not understand what the connotation of the geely brand. Lenovo after years of efforts, the Chinese market has been widely known, more than 90%, and has about 30% of the market. Lenovo also appeared in the process of development, however, such a phenomenon, is the cost of branding the association increases year by year, and the association in consumers' mind is the lack of a clear, unified brand connotation and image. Lenovo has asked little star jinlong brand spokesperson show sincerity, make advertising gorilla Lenovo's explanation is also investing heavily in simple, Lenovo, please Zhang Ziyi's fashion, even invited the F4 Lenovo campaigns. 。 。 。 。 。 In addition, lenovo brand family, shangyu, lenovo 1 + 1, new, far-reaching, kingbox, mother day John Paul brand lenovo brand coexist, but they didn't have prominent lenovo common things. In the past many advertisements in the media, lenovo is a brand with different advertising company lack of coordination, not harmonious, mutual unification, cause of lenovo's advertising, the appearance of a single is very exciting, but put together is disorderly. Lenovo's advertising slogans from 'how people lose lenovo, the world will become' lenovo approached you, technical approaches you 'and so on. In the past associations in the process of brand construction has been the lack of a clear, unified brand, this also led to the lenovo brand image of the order, when consumer of lenovo brand connotation and image, and the answer is, all the public opinions are different. Consumers, said lenovo on behalf of high quality and cheap, the most suitable for family use; Consumers, said lenovo representative customer service service is good, suitable for the government; And consumers said lenovo's quality and affinity. In April of 2003, lenovo's new logo enable lenovo comprehensively, put forward the 'as long as you want to' brand slogan, also is lenovo leader Yang yuanqing said in front of the media, lenovo's lack of a clear brand image in the past, the future will be unified to the connotation of 'as long as you want to' this news source: http://www. shandongjinaiji。 com/news/37。 aspx
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