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by:Desing      2020-05-04
About light rubber conveyor belt, that is, high strength rubber sheet, if the operation plate vulcanizing equipment? 1. First to check the temperature of the tablet is in line with the requirements, the temperature below 138 ℃, the hold pan sulfide. Back to steam whether unobstructed, if there is wrong, should immediately correct can begin to sulfide. 2. Carefully check the width of the embryo, thickness and appearance quality, then add shim ( Shim thickness generally 10% smaller than with the thickness of the embryo 15%) 。 In the process of sulfide such as found in any of the following conditions, shall be immediately changing pad iron; Edge glue is too much, there lies phenomenon, shim thickness to the appropriate; A lot of little edge glue, rubber cover Ming scar, have the phenomenon of insufficient pressure, should be appropriate to reduce the thickness of the mat iron. In order to prevent shim out, reduce labor intensity, shorten the operation time, should be used in automatic iron. 3. Sulfide elongation, embryo should adjust, achieve the 'four center, a flexible'. 'Four center' is the tape should be at the front and rear chuck, before and after the take-up of frame, not partial, tape should be into a straight line; To be flexible in operation, to prevent all accidents. Tape during vulcanization, steam pressure gauge, pressure table should have modes, prevent loss of pressure and the quality accidents caused by plate temperature suddenly drops. 4. Vulcanization process, such as the water valve leakage, water pressure suddenly dropped to below, is only allowed after vulcanization this rubber plate, pressure is not normal, may not continue to sulfide. 5. I lack of embryo in sulfide as found with glue, plastic edge cracking and other defects, shall promptly repair complete. 6. Boiled if found to have bubbles, use acupuncture to rule out immediately with a knife or bubble open, in case of bubble expansion or through bubbles expand roller and earlier severe losses. 7. Vulcanization process, the problem must interrupt more than 30 min, should close the inlet valve, with a thick stick of wood will tape pad, all leave the hot plate. In professional rubber sheet, rubber floor manufacturer in the daily operation, reasonable operation plate vulcanizing machine is very important. Especially on the control of the production details, but also should have a qualified enterprises. Both for control and the quality of the product details and accident prevention and emergency treatment, convenient enterprise culture should have their own thinking.
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