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by:Desing      2020-09-25

Although the price of horse meat has stabilized, the price is still very expensive. I believe that many friends are eager to try and are ready to invest in building their own horse farms. Jiumu and animal husbandry equipment reminds friends that they can do as much as they can. There are many factors to consider before doing anything. Today, based on many years of experience in horse farm construction, equipment supply and installation, I will talk about the complete plan of horse farm construction, what equipment needs to be done before raising horses, and what kind of equipment is needed for horse farm construction.

Outside of the horse farm: construction of automatic feeder towers and installation of livestock fans

First of all, in terms of scale, large and medium-sized horse farms have huge investment in construction, high management difficulties, and strong economic strength, so they are not suitable for most friends;
Secondly, no matter what scale of horse farm is to be built, a fixed breeding site is required. The choice of this site is not random. It should not only be far away from crowds and living quarters, so as to prevent the horse farm from affecting the lives of others, but also in line with the country’s construction of horse farms. Environmental control standards, the construction of horse farms must comply with the basic principles of 'self-interest, convenience, and compliance';
With the land for construction of a fixed racecourse, you can plan in detail. The horse farm is generally composed of production area, living area and storage room. It should be easy to manage. At the same time, the staff of the horse farm should be a certain distance from the production area, which is conducive to the health of the horse farm administrator. The layout, wind direction, distance and other requirements of each area Scientific and humane, so as to ensure the long-term operation of the horse farm;

Inside the racecourse: the feeding device inside the racecourse
The focus of the horse farm construction is still in the production area. The structure layout of the horse farm in the production area, the breeding mode, the stalls, breeding houses, pregnancy houses, farrowing houses, nursery houses, fattening houses, etc., are required for the construction of different horse breeds. The equipment is also different, and there is a lot of work done, which needs to be measured according to the actual field;
Finally, the main equipment for the construction of modern horse farms, fully automatic feeding equipment, various automatic feeding lines, installation of stalls, drinking water drainage, ventilation and cooling, warmth and other environmental control equipment are also essential.

Racecourse fence installation site

With the above preparations, you can build your own modern horse farm. No matter how large a horse farm, reasonable planning and layout, the quality of engineering procurement breeding equipment, the professionalism of the horse farm construction team can reduce a lot of unnecessary for us Investment to maximize the benefits of horse breeding.
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