Livestock scale what brand is good

by:Desing      2020-03-25
Livestock scale what brand is good, Shanghai heng just production and sales of livestock scale can be applied to the chicken, duck, goose smaller livestock and poultry, such as high precision, weighing fast, durable characteristic is popular with customers. Welcome customers wanted to buy details or click here to contact us! The animal husbandry scale introduction: ( 1) Steel thickness: gb 1 of 6 mm to 5 tons of animal husbandry scale ( 2) Scale frame structure: 7 beam model scale body, reasonable design, can guarantee the lifetime deformation ( 3) XK - standard instrument: China's well-known trademark Shanghai yao hua 3190 - A12E digital display instrument, 4) Sensor 4: high precision sensors, American KeLi brand ( 5) To make cost-effective products only, no defective ultra low-cost regular & rarr; Model A12E - 1 ta12e - 2 ta12e - 3 ta12e - 5 ta12e - 10 ta12e - 20 t regular & rarr; Weighing 0. 3 t ~ 5 t regular & rarr; Amount of 0. 2kg0. 5 kg0。 5 kg1kg2kg5kg regular & rarr; Size 1. 2× 1. 5米~ 2× 4m( Optional) Livestock scale what brand is good animal husbandry scale features: beautiful shape, firm structure, exquisite workmanship, high rigid high strength design, appearance design. High strength scale body structure, suitable for all kinds of bad environment. Use the special animal weighing instrument, applicable raw cows, cows, horses, sheep, chickens, geese, ducks and other animals, weighing needs of livestock and poultry. High precision sensors, forklift convenient shift. Optional led slope mesa optional: decorative pattern plate surface treatment: spray anti-corrosion paint can be made according to request of customer size animal husbandry scale daily use notice: 1. The animal husbandry scale is a precision instrument, before use, please refer to adjusting the horizontal position. 2. Don't over Zui large weighing range, if the load is overweight, will destroy the product. 3. Please use often at room temperature, not in extreme cold or heat environment. 4. Please put animal husbandry scale on a clean environment, dust, dirt, moisture, vibration, airflow, and as for near electrical appliances will influence the precision of the products 5, avoid violent shaking, landing or vibration, make sure that the animal husbandry scale! After-sales service commitment: 1, the service tenet: quick, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough 2, service goal: service quality to win customer satisfaction, service efficiency: warranty or warranty, such as equipment malfunction, our company, after being notified within 24 hours to arrange maintenance personnel for repair service for the customer. 4, the principle of service, product warranty period is one year, during the warranty period we will free repair parts damage caused by quality, warranty parts damage, provide accessories only charge cost, if the equipment damage caused by the human factors, we repair or provide accessories at the cost price. Relevant recommendations: livestock animal electronic loadometer said 0. 5 - 5 tons scale livestock land fence slaughterhouse mobile livestock weighbridge
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