Livestock scales maintenance management regulation

by:Desing      2020-12-07

Chapter I General Provisions

Of the first entry. In order to strengthen livestock scales management, livestock scales safely, reasonably and effectively play livestock scales effectiveness, correctly use Livestock scales, make Livestock scales always in a good working state, and ensure livestock scales' long cycle, safe and stable operation, this regulation is made.

Article 2 Relevant responsibilities.

1. Production Department: Livestock Scales Management Department is responsible for daily management of production Livestock scales such as inventory registration and maintenance.

2. Each workshop is responsible for the use and maintenance of production scales of their respective department.

The general manager is in charge of the new livestock scales. Buy it.

4. Technical Department will participate in livestock scales' transformation and acceptance of new livestock.

Chapter TWO: Provisions on the use of Production livestock scales

Article 3 After passing the acceptance of production livestock Scales, the employing department shall go through the procedures of accepting production scales.

Article 4: The Production Department shall prepare Production Scales Operation Rules according to demand and issue them to the employing department. Livestock scales of precision, large livestock scales or livestock scales used in critical and special processes as well as inspection and testing instruments should be prepared accordingly. At the same time, it is required that relevant operators should receive appropriate training. After passing the on-site assessment, the operators can be allowed to operate after passing the verification.

Article 5 Livestock Scales of two or three consecutive shifts: During the handover of personnel to each other, livestock scales operation must be exchanged, including livestock scales' abnormal operation, changes in original defects, changes in operation parameters, failures and handling conditions.

Article 6: When an operator discovers livestock scales have a serious failure and risk of an accident, they should immediately stop the operation step by step and take appropriate safety measures.

Article 7: The use department must designate special personnel to be responsible for livestock scales' daily use and strictly implement operation procedures and use methods. Livestock scales loss or damage should be punished for noncompliance.

Article 8 Special livestock Scales management files should be established for valuable livestock scales(values above RMB ×× yuan).

Article 9: In order to prevent others from starting or accidents, mechanical scales should have appropriate safety devices and clear marks during cleaning, refueling, inspection and repair of parking machines.

Article 10 The operator other than the post shall not operate the machine without approval.

Article 11: Livestock Scales Management has the responsibility to monitor livestock scales' use status, giving livestock scales the right to redeploy livestock scales that have been unused, used incorrectly or underutilized for a long period of time without justifiable reasons.

Chapter THREE: Livestock Scales Maintenance regulations

Article 12: Livestock scales used on site should be numbered uniformly so as to facilitate maintenance.

Article 13: Production Department shall formulate livestock Scales annual Maintenance plan according to livestock scales' performance and use frequency and strictly implement it according to the plan.

Article 14 Production Department requires Livestock scales operators to do livestock scales daily maintenance and maintenance. In daily production, the machine should be repaired in time. If the machine cannot be repaired by itself, it should be reported to the department head for assistance. After repair, livestock Scales Repair Record Should be filled in. Livestock Scales user should sign and confirm the repair Record after repair. Production department shall record major inspections on the corresponding Livestock Scales Management card.

Article 15: Before and after shift, operation workers should carefully check Livestock scales, wipe and add lubricating oil to each part so that livestock scales often keep orderly, clean, lubricated and safe, and timely eliminate various leakage phenomena. In case of fault in livestock scales in shift, timely eliminate livestock scales and make handover records carefully.

Article 16: Carry out partial disassembly and inspection of Livestock scales according to the plan, cleaning parts, clearing oil and air passage, replacing worn parts, adjusting the coordination space of each part of livestock scales, and tightening livestock scales each part.

Article 17: Operation workers coordinate with livestock scales to inspect and repair partial disassembly, replace or repair parts, clean livestock, change oil, inspect and repair electrical parts, so that livestock scales' technical condition reaches the requirement of intact.

Article 18: Livestock Scales shall promptly report to Livestock Scales management in case of damage, loss or other accidents, identify the reason, fill in the damage or loss statement, and go through the account settlement procedures.

In general, livestock scales must not be removed without permission. If necessary, an application must be submitted to livestock Scales Management Department for approval.

Article 20: For livestock scales that cannot be repaired or have no repair value, the use department should apply for abandonment; pass technical appraisal and fill in Livestock Scrap Sheet; pass verification by production manager and submit to GENERAL manager for approval before scrapping. Specify the situation on Livestock Scales Management Card and Production Scales Ledger.
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