Mainland 400 ml milk market development trend

by:Desing      2020-04-05
Mechanical technology co. , LTD. Concentrate on the 400 ml milk is the perfect solution, you can from the website to get more 400 ml milk related topics and understand the mainland 400 ml milk market development trend, Tel:. Reading polypropylene polymer waterproofing materials in management science, the concept of fashion is always emerge in endlessly, but really can live, become the enterprise management of the basic paradigm, but few of them. Harvard business school professor Michael Porter in 1985 put forward the concept of 'value chain', this is 'a little less'. 'Each enterprise is a collection of activities, in the design, production, sale, transport and aid their products. All these activities can be represented by a value chain: 'Porter thinks, the enterprise value creation is composed of a series of activities, these activities can be divided into basic activities and auxiliary activities, basic activities include internal logistics, production process, external logistics, marketing and sales, service and support activities, including procurement, technology development, human resource management and enterprise infrastructure. These different, but related production and business activities, constitute a dynamically the process of creating value, namely the value chain. Put forward the concept of porter's value chain, industry chain, service chain and demand chain ', 'supply chain', 'in the marketing chain, technique', the concept of 'profit chain' appeared, the combination of the use of information technology, formed a large chain of family. Potter 'value chain' of the value chain of revelation tells us that the enterprise and the enterprise's competition, is not only a part of the competition, but competition in the whole value chain, value chain, determine the competitiveness of the enterprise competitiveness. In Porter's own words: 'in the eyes of the consumer value is a series of internal material and technology of the specific activities and profits, and when you and other enterprise's competition, in fact, are some of the activities in the competition, rather than a competition. 'From the perspective of value chain, the enterprise can be informed of their activities, play advantage, it is in a weak position. Value chain management is the enterprise and value chain such as suppliers, distributors, service providers in a community of interests, not only to optimize their business processes and optimize business processes and value chain of other enterprises, reduce the transaction costs, improve market competitiveness. Has reference meaning to be specific, the value chain, has the following four aspects: the content of the is the embodiment of the enterprise value, an enterprise needs in the joint efforts of the other segments of the value chain to achieve. Therefore, the enterprise must be good at integrating upstream and downstream resources. Wahaha chairman ZongQing, once told me: 'a lot of people doubt our product research and development capabilities. In fact, Wahaha, restricts the development of new products. My raw material suppliers, however, is a world-class supplier, in order to let me use the raw materials, they are also helped me to develop products. The latest product in the world, they will be timely feedback to me here. 'This example shows that the raw material suppliers, in order to better serve the downstream partners, has been directly into the original value of downstream partners into the activities, in order to help improve their competitiveness. 'In order to help you win, I can win,' Coca-Cola and procter & gamble of examples to help retailers also illustrates this point. A total of five pages: the 12345 - page on the next page this news source: http://www. shandongjinaiji。 com/news/22。 aspx
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