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by:Desing      2020-04-11
On the Great Wall company, there is a high quality products, let foreign smile good manager, he is 8 branch you-hua liu. 8 is a company for countries such as Germany, Canada and Korea foreign production of plastic board production units. In 1999, the company put the burden of 8 branch manager to you-hua liu. Since then, you-hua liu not great trust, scientific management, strict standards and lead the staff to create a batch of high quality rubber sheet. In recent years, the branch does not appear the phenomenon of a product return. Therefore, you-hua liu won the leadership of the recognition, praise and trust of foreign employees. The implementation of scientific management, is you-hua liu to success in production. You-hua liu thinks, to create a high quality product, must have good quality consciousness. To this end, he first put kung fu in strengthening the quality education. He before class after work, always not the staff to instill the quality is the life, quality is the job of principle, continue to increase the quality awareness of employees, encourage employees in production tightens the quality of this string. Second, his duty to the company implements the job responsibility, the quality requirements for each type of work all make that clear. For rolling JiaoGong fine grinding mill, back in place. Type requires the staff must be moderate will roll away from the debugging, to ensure that the board face bao hou uniform. For sulfur chemical accurately control temperature, do not make plastic board owe sulfur or sulfur. At the same time, he also the cutting edge of the products, production of health have made that clear. Because of the specific responsibilities clear, strong operability, create conditions for the staff to produce high quality products. You-hua liu in pleasure of working with part of the company's three captain at the same time, also do in-depth every day workshop, tour inspection, on-site guidance. For the problems found during the production, will not relent, he, always in accordance with the related regulations, serious processing. February one afternoon, he found a type of unit there is a hole on the semi-finished products, he immediately ordered the crew to fix it: to have a hole in the rubber sheet, return again, never allowed to enter the next process. You-hua liu workshop check in depth, in a timely manner to remove the quality hidden trouble. In order to guarantee the quality of our products and you-hua liu also enthusiastically support the work of quality inspection work. He thought quality inspection workers come to work, duty not to things, but to grow flowers. Production, quality inspection work, every day in the test product, and production staff disagreements sometimes occurs, also is inevitable. As branch manager, you-hua liu always to the general situation as heavy, to the Great Wall credit and foreign interests, if products do have problems, even some small small problem, he also solidly on quality inspection work, never let the problem products into the Treasury.
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