Manufacturer of rubber conveyor belt tell everybody conveyer belt rubber aging for several reasons

by:Desing      2020-04-06
In conveyor belt use process, prone to aging, rubber layer is shattered, course discussion, the following rubber conveyor belt manufacturer said to us in conveyer belt rubber aging under seven reasons: 1) Machine stress: the stress under the action of repeated walked with the machine and the process of friction and roller, can make the rubber chain fracture generates free radicals, trigger a chain of oxidation reaction, a chemical process. Machine fault chain and activated oxidation process. Which can dominate, depending on their conditions. Else, easily provoked ozone crack under stress. 2) In rubber and rubber molecules attacks: oxygen free radical chain reaction, molecular chain rupture or excessive cross-linking, the changes of function of rubber. Oxidation is one of the nervous reason of rubber aging. 3) The chemical activity of the ozone, ozone is much taller than oxygen, more destructive, it is to make the same molecular chain rupture, but the effect of ozone on the rubber status difference according to the deformation of rubber or not. Company for the deformation of rubber ( Mainly unsaturated rubber) , appear when a crack perpendicular to the stress direction, the so-called 'ozone cracking'; Effects on the deformation of rubber, surface oxidation film and maturation, only not cracked. 4) Hot: progress temperature to the thermal cracking of rubber or thermal crosslinking. But the fundamental effects of thermal activation. Progress of oxygen diffusion rate and activated oxidation reaction, thus accelerate the oxidation reaction rate of rubber, this is a widespread aging sight - — The hot oxygen aging. 5) The shorter the light: light waves, the greater the energy. To destroy effect to the rubber is a high energy ultraviolet. Ultraviolet (uv) in addition to the fracture of molecular chain of rubber indirectly and crosslinking, rubber due to absorb light energy and produce free radicals, trigger and accelerate oxidation chain reaction process. Ultraviolet light to play the role of a heating. Its another characteristic (light With thermal effect difference) Is a major in rubber surface into it. High rubber content of sample, the two sides will appear the reticular crack, the so-called 'light outer crack'. 6) Moisture, moisture has two aspects: the effect of rubber in the moist air in the rain, or soak in the water, and easy to be destroyed, this is because the rubber and water soluble substance in the water purification group composition such as extraction dissolved by water. Hydrolysis or draw, or make up. Special is soaked in water and under the action of atmospheric exposure GuaDai, will accelerate the destruction of rubber. But in some cases the moisture, the action of the rubber is not destroyed and even have a role of ageing could he slowed down. 7) Other: the role of rubber elements and chemical medium, intending to metal ion, high-energy radiation, electricity and biology etc.
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